Q. Why do I need a checkup when I’m not experiencing any pain?

A.  Unhealthy teeth and gums not only lead to toothache pain, they can also increase the risk of heart disease, low birth weight, uncontrolled diabetes and respiratory infections. It makes sense to have them checked regularly to stop tooth pain, decay or gum infections before they become advanced.

Q. My teeth seem to be getting crooked as I get older. Why is this happening?

A. Even if you wore braces as a teenager to straighten your teeth, you might find that they are now drifting out of alignment. The fact is that teeth tend to want to return to their original position, and over time, or perhaps due to wear, they move toward the midline as people grow older. To counteract this, Dr. Armento uses Invisalign and Invisalign Teen clear aligners. These sit over the teeth to gently encourage them back into the desired position. With gaps and overlaps eliminated, your smile will be restored, and your teeth will be easier to keep clean and healthy.

Q. What payment options do you accept?

A. We accept cash, check and all major credit cards. We also provide to our patients an interest-free loan through CareCredit®. We do not allow finances to get in the way of our patients’ needs to keep their mouth healthy.

Q. How does the office keep up-to-date with current techniques and advanced treatment options?

A. Dr. Armento and his staff participate in many continuing education classes each year. We believe that new techniques and technology in cosmetic dentistry, implant dentistry and preventive dentistry only enhance our patients’ experience, so we constantly implement the latest procedures and integrate new dental equipment in our office. Dr. Armento and his staff hold membership in many professional dental organizations, as well as study clubs, so you can rely on their dedication to knowing the latest treatment options and products in their field.

Q. Will I be referred to a specialist?

A. Dr. Armento has extensive training in oral surgery. Almost all tooth extractions can be performed at his office, including routine wisdom tooth extractions. Using an advanced rotary endodontic system, Dr. Armento can perform root canal procedure on an infected tooth usually in just one visit.

Q. Whenever I breathe or drink something cold, it hurts. Is there anything I can do about it?

A. You do not have to put up with sensitive teeth. The problem usually arises when the gums have receded, exposing part of the tooth’s root where there is no enamel. These areas are porous and sensitive and also prone to decay. The solution is usually a prescription of adult fluoride, which is applied to the teeth in a gel. The result? Teeth are protected from decay, and you can enjoy cold drinks again.

Q. I’m concerned about bad breath, so what can I do?

A. Diet and postnasal drip as well as certain foods can all cause bad breath, but the most common cause is poor dental hygiene. Brushing and flossing regularly and effectively is the best way to remove particles trapped between the teeth. Using a tongue cleaner completes the work, removing the residue that can be left in the crevices of the tongue, causing unpleasant odors.

Q. What is the difference between digital X-rays and traditional X-rays?

A. X-rays are an excellent diagnostic tool in medicine and family dentistry, but no one wants to be exposed to more radiation than necessary, so Dr. Armento uses digital X-rays, which involve 50 per cent less exposure to radiation. The quality is better than that of traditional X-rays, and there is no delay while they are developed. Plus they don't require any chemicals to process so they are ‘greener,’ for the environment.

Q. I keep waking up with a terrible pain in my jaw where I’ve been grinding my teeth. How can I stop doing it?

A. Your teeth are only designed to meet when you are eating. If you grind them at other times, the resulting pressure can give you headaches and pain around the eyes. During the day, it is possible to remind yourself not to do it, but at night you might need some extra help to give your teeth and jaw a rest. A night guard, made specially to fit your teeth, can be made for you to wear while you're sleeping to prevent you from grinding your teeth and lessening the aches and pains it causes.

Q. If my tooth gets a cavity, will I need to have a silver filling?

A. Once the only way to remove decay and protect an infected tooth would be to drill out the damaged area and fill it with a silver/mercury amalgam. The two disadvantages of this are that a little of the healthy tooth would have to be removed to create an undercut to lock in the filling, and because metal expands and contracts with heat and cold the filling can weaken and cavities can form around it. Dr. Armento only uses composite white fillings that look natural and can be placed by only removing the decay itself. Therefore there is no need to remove excess healthy tooth structure, leaving the tooth stronger and less likely to fracture in the future.

Q. What causes mouth sores, and is there a way to prevent them?

A. Cold or viral sores are painful and unsightly and often occur just when you want them least, such as when you have an important meeting or special occasion to attend. This is because they tend to arrive when the mouth’s balance (homeostasis) is disrupted, such as when you are under stress. Eating yogurt daily, adding lysine (an amino acid) to your diet or taking acidophilus tablets can be very helpful. If you suffer mouth sores frequently, antiviral medications might be the answer.

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