In-office root canal therapy

Various oral health problems can eventually cause you to lose a tooth. One problem that often leads to tooth loss is an infection due to large decay or a cracked tooth. You can develop an infection of the pulp (nerve tissue) inside of your tooth or at the base of the tooth root, and this infection can cause greater problems over time – and the first sign is usually toothache pain.

Root canal procedures are performed when a patient has this type of tooth pain and the nerve is dying. Instead of taking out the tooth, this procedure is used to save the tooth and keep it for many years to come. With Randolph dentist Dr. Armento’s extensive training in the root canal procedure, he is able to perform root canal therapy in usually one visit. He can also perform the procedure in his state-of-the-art office so that the patient does not have to be referred to an endodontist, and without the fees associated with seeing a specialist.

Done in one visit

In the past, root canal therapy was done with hand files – an outdated root canal procedure that took much longer and had a greater chance of failure due to inadequate cleaning of the nerve canals. Today, Dr. Armento uses the most advanced rotary endodontic files by Tulsa Dental to clean the root canals thoroughly and quickly, enabling most endodontic procedures to be done in one visit. The rotary files attach to a motorized handpiece and allow for a more compete cleaning of the canals and less postoperative pain or sensitivity.

Dr. Armento also uses a digital apex locater to determine the exact length of the canals, thereby needing fewer X-rays to confirm this, as was done in the past. And because Dr. Armento also uses digital X-rays, the radiation exposure is less than half as much as it used to be.

If you have tooth decay or tooth pain, Dr. Armento can help you. He is the trusted name when it comes to a family dentist Randolph NJ and Morris County. When you need implant dentistry, cosmetic dentistry and preventive dentistry, he can help you, too. Our patients come to us from Rockaway, Mendham, Dover, Denville, Morristown, Parsippany and Roxbury.

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  • I came into the office with a problem and as usual, it was handled very professionally by the entire staff. Dr Armento is always very calming and thorough. He explained the problem and gave me the solution. I will have a follow up appointment. My family and myself have been going to the Doctor for at least the last 11 years. We are very satisfied with the professionalism and efficiency of the Doctor and his staff.

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  • My apprehension has disappeared and I'm so glad I found Dr Armento.

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  • Dr Armento and staff make each visit painless (literally) and pleasant. I have recommended their office to friends and family and would do the same for anyone reading this

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